The Big Idea

App in Test Phase. If this is something you are wanting to try out. Please use the contact us page to request to be one of the testers.



What is City Logger about?

City Logger is a free app being built to help facilitate communities understand the extent of litter happening around the city, and then allow them to indicate to other members of the community they are actively targeting the problem. In short... a litter logging & picking app. 


Governments around the world, and in particular the UK, spend more and more money each year cleaning up. The problem seems not to be getting better but worse. The app aims at tackling this problem by doing the following:

1) Creating awareness of how much litter there is, and drive a better culture for cleaning up.
2) Incentivise a communities to collaborate and make a difference through both logging and picking up litter.
3) Lastly.. and hopefully... give companies an opportunity to reward the efforts [still in plan on how to do this]

What do you need to do?

Keep an eye out on this site for when the Application is finished.

Data Privacy

Location data is gathered through the app to highlight where litter and bins are. This is helpful to know what you might need to tackle a problem. The data will be mined to identify aspects around litter and how we can try tackle the problem of litter in the city. 

This data will not be used to track, individuals, or their data, and email and signing in is to ensure data is accurate and that benefits are provided to real people.


We wont spam your email with anything, all notifications will go through the app. The only emails might be about sending rewards from sponsors, for example a link to claim free coffee etc.


By signing up to the app, you agree for us to collect location data and your email address.

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