City Logger

City Logger is an app used to help people make difference to this world.

About Us

We are a charitable company looking to change cities for the better by creating awareness of litter and premoting ownership of the city.

We have developed and app to be downlodaded in iOS and Andriod (not yet released), that allows people to highlight where litter is, raise alerts to bigger litter isseus and log when litter is being picked up by individuals.

The first step to a solution is being aware of the problem. There are so many organisation doing great work to pickup litter, we need to know how much is being done where, and where is more work being needed.

The key to being successfull is being informed. as the old saying goes… Knowegde is power. The power to know, is the power to change.

Countries need to be aware of where problems areas are, and why they are problem areas and how to solve them.

City Logger is cloud sourcing data app that allows this information to be gathered and then given to relevant authories.


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